Error 0x80070052 description


It is very common that you use external memory devices like USB flash drives for the purpose of storing data externally. This data backup is an essential part of PC maintenance. However, some times, when you try to copy some data from your USB drive to your computer, you may see an error thrown by your Windows operating system. Error 0x80070052 occurs due to problems in the creation of directories and files in the flash drive.

Error 0x80070052 causes

Error 0x80070052 causes:

Sometimes, if your Windows operating system is not properly updated, you may get this kind of error 0x80070052. Usually, there is a limit on the number of files and folders that can be placed in the root folder of SD card or USB flash drive. If the number of files and folders in external memory device’s root folder is much larger, then you will have a problem when you are trying to copy new files. Error 0x80070052 also occurs when the file system in your flash drive or external memory device doesn't match with the file system you currently have in your computer.

The error 0x80070052 indicates problems in creating folders and hence isolating the actual cause of the error is difficult. Nevertheless, this error is completely resolvable and you don’t have to be a computer expert to do that.

By following 3 simple steps you can fix Error 0x80070052 other related Windows Update & registry problems.
All you have to do is run a free scan to see exactly what is wrong with your system, and click the 'repair' button to fix Error 0x80070052 and other system related errors.

Troubleshooting Error 0x80070052

Ensuring that your operating system is up-to-date will save you a lot of trouble. You should first update your Windows Vista or any other operating system. New features to support SD cards and USB cards are usually included in the operating system updates.

It is better to keep the root folder of your SD card or USB card clutter free. You can begin by creating subfolders to hold contents of the root folder. You should sort your contents and create new directories under the root folder and minimize the number of directories in the root folder.

If the file system used by your SD card or USB card is FAT16, then you will have a problem when you are using it with most Windows Operating systems. NTFS file system is not supported by Windows 98 and older Windows systems. It is better to format your external storage device in FAT32 system which is the common file system supported by most Windows machines.

Before trying to troubleshoot your storage device to solve error 0x80070052, you should take backup of files before data is lost.

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Fix Error 0x80070052

Recommended Error 0x80070052 Solution

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